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Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting “The Definitive Guide to Understanding and Using Published Cash F”, Jury, Timothy ,

Introduction ix SECTION ONE HISTORIC CASH FLOW ANALYSIS 1 Understanding How Cash Flows in a Business tres dos Understanding Cash Flows Properly veintiuno tres Start-up, Growth, Mature, Decline cuarenta y siete cuatro Restating the Cash Flows of a Real Business cincuenta y nueve cinco Restating US GAAP Cash Flows ochenta y tres seis Analysing the Cash Flows of Mature Businesses noventa y nueve siete Analysing the Cash Flows of Growth Businesses ciento treinta y cinco ocho Growth and Mature – Further Analysis Issues ciento cincuenta y tres nueve Analysing the Cash Flows of Start-up Businesses ciento setenta y uno diez Analysing the Cash Flows of Decline Businesses ciento setenta y nueve once What to do about Bad Cash Flows ciento ochenta y cinco doce Cash Contra Profit as a Measure of Performance ciento noventa y uno trece Cash Flow Analysis and Credit Risk doscientos uno catorce Cash Flow Analysis and Performance Measurement doscientos quince quince Analysing Direct Cash Flow Statements doscientos veintitres dieciseis Generating a Cash Flow Summary from Profit and Loss Account and Cómputo Sheet Data doscientos treinta y uno diecisiete Summarising Historic Free Cash Flow doscientos cuarenta y siete SECTION TWO FORECASTING CASH FLOWS dieciocho Introduction doscientos cincuenta y cinco diecinueve Spreadsheet Risk doscientos sesenta y tres veinte Good Practice Spreadsheet Development doscientos setenta y cinco veintiuno The Use of Assumptions in Spreadsheet Models doscientos noventa y cinco Index trescientos cinco