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  • Autor: Steinberg, Richard

  • Editorial: Wiley & Sons Ltd.

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Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance, Steinberg, Richard ,

An expert’s insider secrets to how successful CEOs and directors shape, lead, and oversee their organizations to achieve corporate goals “Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance” espectáculos senior executives and board members how to ensure that their companies incorporate the necessary processes, organization, and technology to accomplish strategic goals. Examining how and why some major companies failed while others continue to grow and prosper, author and internationally recognized expert Richard Steinberg reveals how to cultivate a culture, leadership process and infrastructure toward achieving business objectives and related growth, profit, and return goals. This title explains critical factors that make compliance and ethics programs and risk management processes really work. It explores the board’s role in overseeing corporate strategy, risk management, CEO compensation, succession planning, crisis planning, performance measures, board composition, and shareholder communications. It highlights for CEOs, senior management teams, and board members the pitfalls to avoid and what must go right for success. It outlines the future of corporate governance and what’s needed for continued effectiveness. Written by well-known corporate governance and risk management expert Richard Steinberg, “Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance” lays a sound foundation and provides critical insights for understanding the role of governance, risk management, and compliance and its successful implementation in today’s business environment.

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