• Autor: Dombret, Andreas,Lucius, Otto

  • Editorial: Edward Elgar

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Stability of the Financial System, Dombret, Andreas Lucius, Otto ,

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, new financial market regulation is being implemented, and increasing numbers of countries are establishing new legislation for macroprudential oversight. Against this backdrop, this thought provoking book provides a platform for the leading international experts to discuss and encourage future discute on financial stability. The breadth and scope of the issues addressed reflect the challenge of developing and consistently implementing a coherent set of financial reforms to promote financial stability. The book advocates the development of financial reforms that are effective in striking the optimal cómputo between realizing the enormous benefits of efficient financial intermediation, capital allocation and risk management on the one hand, and controlling systemic risks and maintaining financial stability on the other. Making an important contribution to deepening our understanding of the many facets of financial stability, this book will prove a challenging read for policy makers, regulators and central bankers as well as for researchers and scholars in the fields of economics, money, finance and banking